Wednesday, December 3, 2008


With the holiday season winding down, comes the winding up of a new year with a new U.S. president. Oh, sure, YOU have big plans, too and some undigested turkey still sitting in your stomach, but if you can make some room, here is the perfect dessert! Posted here: a pic of Robert Strovers and his amazing photo, "Lamps and Stucco." Passports/Artica Gallery will soon be featuring a selection of his incredible photography which includes irresistible urban textures and landscapes. Also keep checking this site for upcoming classes (See"quilting"below) and events we're involved in like ART KINGS OF THE HILL, now through January 23rd at the August Wilson's Gallery at 209/9th Street --Passports' Project Director, Christine Bethea will be curator for show featuring noted Hill District Artists like Amir Rashidd (video below), Thaddeus Mosely (book in print), Jorge Meyers (click to view his PPG Video by Annie O'Neill) , Biko, George Gist, Bo Hill, Carlos Peterson, Norman Brown, (art shown, here: Game), Dingbat, Yourba Batonga, "Teenie" Harris, Ernest Bey, James McCoy and Keith "Pizza" Smith
(Smith's car hood, above).
Closing Reception /ART KINGS OF THE HILL
Thursday, January 22, 6-8:30 pm.
Get the New August Wilson Center
and learn what's happening
Pittsburgh's Romare Bearden Mural
at the Port Authority T-Station.

Amir Rashidd, Artist/Storyteller

Then its on to the Quilter's Weekend at the Senator John Heinz History Center January 24-25, 2009 which will feature the Pittsburgh Friendship Quilt and the history of African-American quilt makers and making in Pittsburgh, an annual exhibition, curated by Passports' Christine Bethea.
(See Tina
Brewer's quilt during an interview with
Terri Blanchette, Director of Programming at the Heinz History Center.)