Monday, September 27, 2010

Passports/Artica to Host Grove City College and Sam Perry for SamSamLand Exhibition in April 2011 @ GA/GI Festival

"Welcome To SamSamland: Don't Wear Black to My Funeral" will be a gallery and music event curated by Sam Perry of Grove City University. SamSamland's key focus is the balance between celebrating and mourning life. This will be done through the exploration of trauma and its effect on the individual and community. SamSamland serves as a freeing space for victims of trauma and their family and friends as well as an educational experience for all those involved. Recycled materials will be used for all of the pieces, showing that beauty can be created out of everyone's damaged goods. For more information, check out samsamland's blog or search "Welcome to SamSamland" on Facebook.